HonkinNews for 16 May 2017 Now Available

May 16, 2017

HonkinNews notes a Silicon Valley’s assessment of IBM Watson. (Trigger Warning: If you are an IBM stakeholder, you will not be too thrilled.) Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya described the Watson billion dollar bet at a “joke.” Yikes! The statement was made on the US financial news program “Closing Bell.” You will learn where to locate the Department of Defense’s Memex open source code collection. The information is not in the US government’s Code.gov Web site, the so-called hub for open source software. The list, software developer, description, and link to the software appear on the Darpa Web site. A description of some of the software and a link to the Darpa Web page also appear in our “Dark Web Notebook,” which you can pre-order from our Xenky.com site.  How useful is artificial intelligence for attorneys? HonkinNews reports that it is mostly a human-assisted search system. Software, it seems, cannot advise clients or appear in court. As the software improves, some displaced attorneys way seek jobs at Kentucky Fried Chicken. This week’s program summarizes research about bursty search. The approach requires running multiple queries and thinking about the subject of the search. The approach is different from bowling team research for pizza. The bowlers click an icon and wait for the delivery professional. That’s what HonkinNews calls tasty search. You can view the program at this link.

Kenny Toth, May 16, 2017


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