Catch the Chatbots Chattering Away

May 17, 2017

Chatbots are not self-aware, but the better-programmed ones are so “intelligent” they can hold a real conversation with a human.  While chatbots are meant to engage humans in conversation, have you ever wondered what would happen if two bots are told to speak with each other?  YouTube user winter blessed decided to pit Mitsuku and Cleverbot against one another.  You can view the results in the video, “Mitsuku vs Cleverbot – AI (Artificial Intelligence) Showdown.”

Mitsuku is a female-styled chatbot that can be accessed like a Flash game, while Cleverbot was built using Cleverscript-a SAS that teaches people how to build their own chatbots.  While both Mitsuku and Cleverbot are highly praised, neither of them use Bitext’s analytics platform to help power chats.  They might benefit from incorporating it into their conversations.

Listening to Mitsuku and Cleverbot is an interesting demonstration of how far chatbots have progressed and still how limited they are.  The pair does comprehend each other, but they end up misinterpreting questions and responding incorrectly.  It is like listening to someone who strictly relied on Google Translate to speak a foreign language.  Their conversation is understandable, but devoid of meaning.  Humans are still needed to add meaning behind the words.

Whitney Grace, May 17, 2017


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