Helping Machines Decode the World of Online Content

June 5, 2017

With voice search poised to overtake conventional search, startups like WordLift are creating an AI-based algorithm that can help machines understand content created by humans in a better way.

The Next Web in an article titled Wordlift Is Helping Robots Understand What Online Articles Are Really About says:

The evolution of today’s search engines and the rapid adoption of personal assistants (PAs) – capable of understanding user intent and behaviors through available data – require an upgrade of the existing editorial workflow for bloggers, independent news providers, and content marketers.

Voice activated search assistants rely on Metadata for understanding what the content is about. Moreover, metadata alone is unable to tell the AI what is the user intent. WordLift intends to solve this problem by applying advanced AI for understanding the content and make it voice search engine friendly. Structured data, understanding of textual content are some of the strategies WordLift will use to make the content voice search engine friendly.

Vishal Ingole, June 5, 2017


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    This has been one of the best articles i have read. It was really informative.Looking forward for more blogs of this in near coming future

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