Tired of Google? Try These Alternatives

June 8, 2017

Though Google dominates 80% of the search engine market, your privacy is compromised, and the results mostly are sponsored. Numerous options exist if you do not want to use Google for finding something online.

Make Use Of in an article titled 13 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t says:

There are some patches of green – because let’s face it – Google Search still can’t do everything. They just have close to a million data servers. A few alternative search engines have stepped in and mounted a challenge.

For instance, if you are an environmentalist, use Ecosia that will use 80% of its revenue from search to plant trees. Search engines like Qwant and Peekier are good at protecting user privacy. If your kids use search engines, give them access to Kiddle that will block out everything inappropriate for kids. For people who enjoy streaming, but are spoilt for choices, JustWatch is an excellent option. Who says Google has no competition?

Vishal Ingole, June 8, 2017


One Response to “Tired of Google? Try These Alternatives”

  1. John S on August 30th, 2017 7:03 am

    Google obviously makes its revenue still on collecting data of users for targeting ads for its customers. This is its main business revenue and even today some probably don’t understand the significance of what Google collects on them. Personally I don’t think people judge equally on privacy with regards to internet. Some companies like Google and Facebook get passes while Microsoft get’s crucified for even collecting useful data about Windows. People who think blocking ads is fine, but then sign into a Google account?? I have two modes of using the internet, one is the I don’t care what is collected part of my using the internet. The other is times when I really want to keep companies out of my business.

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