HonkinNews for 27 June Now Available

June 27, 2017

Excitement abounds in search and content processing. In this, the 27 June 2017 edition of HonkinNews, we report on Booz Allen’s exciting public relations challenge. First there was Snowden, then there was a pack rat stuffing top secret documents in his Maryland home. Now, the US government is investigating the once prestigious firm for tripping over its green eye shades and shirt gaiters. Attivio continues to lead the pack of search and retrieval companies in marketing innovations. We run down the jargon the 10 year old company uses to sell its “kitchen sink” solution. In addition to the old chestnut “searh,” Attivio offers natural language processing and the IBM favorite “cognitive.” IBM has found a new source of management ideas. Yahoot’s Marissa Mayer decided telecommuting was not a good thing. She implemented changes in the work from home policy and sold the company to Verizon. Now IBM is following in Yahoot’s footsteps. We ask, “What other management ideas can IBM tap for business inspiration?” If you are a Google watcher, you may find out mini-feature on Google’s reinvention of Monster.com. The ad search giant may be less interested in helping an unemployed cigarette conveyer belt repairman find work. The goal of the new Jobs service may be Microsoft LinkedIn. Enjoy the show at this link.

Kenny Toth, June 27, 2017


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