Doctors Fearful of Technology? Too Bad for Them and Maybe the Patients?

July 27, 2017

IBM, Google, and other outfits want doctors to get with the technology program. Sure, docs use mobile phones, but email and such wonderful innovations as selfies from the operating theatre have not yet caught on. Watching my doc fumble with the required online medical record system is interesting. Try it sometime. Puzzled expressions, eye squinting, and sloooow keyboarding are part of the show. One of my docs expressed interest in my Dark Web Notebook. I sent him a link so he could download a comp copy. Guess what? He couldn’t figure out how to download the book. Amazing expertise.

I read a Thomson Reuters’ article which seems to stray dangerously close to my view of technology in the medical profession. Mind you, here in Louisville sales people are in the operating room to provide information to a doc who may not be familiar with a new gadget. Get enough gadgets and peddlers in the facility and the patients may have to rest on gurneys in the hall.

But I digress. The write up i noticed was “Doctors View Technology as Largely Problematic.” I highlighted this “real” news statement:

69 percent of the 100 doctors in the audience said increased reliance on technology and electronic health records only served to separate them from their patients….But the biggest problem stemming from technology for the doctors, and the bane of many doctors’ existence, is the electronic health record, also known as an EHR.

Now think about the over the top marketing from IBM about Watson’s ability in a narrow field like bladder cancer. Put that Anderson affair out of your main. Google continues to push forward with an even more interesting approach. I recall the phrase was “solving death.” And there are other outfits which believe that their technologists can make life so much better for doctors.

Seems like the revolution may take a bit more time. The good news is that since Google has not solved death, the doubting docs will die. Their replacements may be more into the IBM, Google, et al approach to health care.

No worries in Harrod’s Creek. We just use a mixture of black powder and bourbon to cure all manner of ills.

Stephen E Arnold, July 27, 2017


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