Natural Language Queries Added to Google Analytics

August 31, 2017

Data analysts are valuable members of any company and do a lot of good, but in many instances, average employees – not versed in analyst-ese – need to find valuable data. Rather than bother the analysts with mundane questions, Google has upgraded their analytics to include natural language queries, much like their search function.

Reporting on this upcoming change, ZDnet explains what this will mean for businesses:

Once the feature is available, users will have the ability to type or speak out a query and immediately receive a breakout of analyzed data that ranges from basic numbers and percentages to more detailed visualizations in charts and graphs. Google says it’s aiming to make data analysis more accessible to workers across a business, while in turn freeing up analysts to focus on more complex research and discovery.

While in theory, this seems like a great idea, it may still cause issues with those not asking questions related to the data, analytic method or appropriate prior knowledge. Unfortunately, data analysts are still the best resource when trying to glean information from analytics reports.

Catherine Lamsfuss, August 31, 2017


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