European Tweets Analyzed for Brexit Sentiment

September 28, 2017

The folks at Expert System demonstrate their semantic intelligence chops with an analysis of sentiments regarding Brexit, as expressed through tweets. The company shares their results in their press release, “The European Union on Twitter, One Year After Brexit.” What are Europeans feeling about that major decision by the UK? The short answer—fear. The write-up tells us:

One year since the historical referendum vote that sanctioned Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit, June 23, 2016), Expert System has conducted an analysis to verify emotions and moods prevalent in thoughts expressed online by citizens. The analysis was conducted on Twitter using the cognitive Cogito technology to analyze a sample of approximately 160,000 tweets in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish related to Europe (more than 65,000 tweets for #EU, #Europe…) and Brexit (more than 95,000 tweets for #brexit…) posted between May 21 – June 21, 2017. Regarding the emotional sphere of the people, the prevailing sentiment was fear followed by desire as a mood for intensely seeking something, but without a definitive negative or positive connotation. The analysis revealed a need for more energy (action), and, in an atmosphere that seems to be dominated by a general sense of stress, the tweets also showed many contrasts: modernism and traditionalism, hope and remorse, hatred and love.

The piece goes on to parse responses by language, tying priorities to certain countries. For example, those tweeting in Italian often mentioned “citizenship”, while tweets in German focused largely on “dignity” and “solidarity.” The project also evaluates sentiment regarding several EU leaders. Expert System  was founded back in 1989, and their Cogito office is located in London.

Cynthia Murrell, September 28, 2017


One Response to “European Tweets Analyzed for Brexit Sentiment”

  1. Alessandro on September 28th, 2017 6:16 am

    I-m not surprised. It is the confirmation of a state of deep confusion among electors and citizens.
    I feel it is quite the reasonable result of a ruling class disconnected from the real society.
    In order to organize CONSENSUS around politics conceived to obtain their interests, often against general interests, political class uses a manipulative stile of communication: “modify the Map instead of the Territory” is the refrai of communication Gurus..
    The unavoidable result is a society confused by the “real” obstacles they found in the Territory while the Map tell them there are no obstacles.
    The real present danger is that this confusion generate a society which is unstable and ready to quickly precipitate in to chaos. It is a status which can easily precipitate in a sudden authoritarian evolution.

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