Everyone and Their Dog Is a Search Expert

October 13, 2017

Young people get frustrated when they help older people with technology.  There are considerable sighs, rolling eyes, and the situation often ends in yelling.  One frustration young people are forced to deal with is teaching an older person how to use a search engine.  Trying to explain how to enter information into the text box, the meaning of keywords, and how to tell the difference between results is not easy.  However, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex try to make the search process as easy as possible so everyone can become a search expert.

Learning how to search is not the only thing people have trouble learning.  Tech Viral wrote about the top “how to” searches in the article, “Here Are The Top 100 ‘How To’ Searches That People Want To Know.”  Xaquin GV researched how people use Google as the answer all “how to” tool and discovered the most popular searches.  Among the top “how to “searches are how to make money, how to tie a tie, how to draw, how to kiss, how to lose weight, how to make pancakes, and how to get pregnant.

The essay also examines the top 100 ‘How to’ searches conducted worldwide, and the results are very illustrative. Xaquin divided those searches into categories, with visual representations of how popular each of them is.

The search results mostly revolve around activities that are adult responsibilities along with a few surprises that concern current trends.  Everyone can become an expert at any activity with a few simple keystrokes and tutorial guides.  YouTube makes “how to” guides more helpful and even more dangerous when people try to copy the experts at parkour, skateboarding, and daredevil activities that should never be tried at home kids.

Whitney Grace, October 13, 2017


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