Machine Learning Becomes Major Battle Ground

December 14, 2017

It has been known for a while that machine learning is the next great platform for tech visionaries to master. While this ground level opportunity gives many a chance to make a mark, the big names in tech are catching up quick. We got a hint about this competition from the recent Recorded Future press release, “Recorded Future Expands Automated Threat Intelligence Solution With Analyst-Originated Intelligence.”

According to the story:

By adding current and finished threat intelligence to the broadest compilation of machine learning and natural language processing generated intelligence, only Recorded Future can provide organizations with the relevant expert insights and analysis they need for operational improvements and targeted risk reduction.


This new analyst-originated information provides customers with access to new insight as well as additional third-party intelligence research on threat actors, vulnerabilities, malware, and other indicators of compromise (IOCs). It is available in multiple formats to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Recorded Future has a bright future, no doubt about it. But we’d be leery of putting all our money on this horse. At this very moment, Amazon is gearing up to get a serious foothold in the world of machine learning. Seeing the merchandising giant getting into this arena is a terrifying threat to any startup. Be on the lookout.

Patrick Roland, December 14, 2017


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