Google: Even More Humans Needed

January 12, 2018

I read “Google Plans to Vet YouTube Premium Video Content.” The main point of the write up strikes me as:

Google told partners that it plans to use both human moderators — the company recently announced it will have 10,000 employees focused on the task — as well as artificial intelligence software to flag videos deemed inappropriate for ads.

Yep, humans. Just like the old fashioned, endangered newspaper, magazine, and commercial database companies did.

I find this amusing because the shift at Google is similar to the approach that Facebook seems to be implementing. Humans who require vacations, medical insurance, retirement plans, vacations, and management. Well, maybe not management in the go go gig approach to business.

My take on this allegedly accurate real news story is:

  1. The baloney about smart software is starting to become inedible even for the most ardent lovers of processed hype
  2. The cost controls now in place are going to be reworked which means more for fee services for formerly “free” stuff. I can envision a subscription service with regular rate increases easily.
  3. The predictions that 2018 will transform businesses may become true in an unexpected manner: More flawed operations plus higher costs.

Interesting stuff. Going to the museum of information production and walking off with old fashioned tools. What’s next? typewriters and some Linotype machines?

Stephen E Arnold, January 12, 2018


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