Google: Image Search Accuracy

February 16, 2018

Google image search is a hot topic. I wanted to test the functionality of the system  because Google killed the “view image” option. Google really wants to be best friends with copyright holders. I took this image of myself:


I loaded it into the Google image “search by image” function. Yep, that’s the little camera graphic for those of my gentle readers who do not understand Google’s wonderful iconography.

Here’s what Google delivered as “similar” and “matching” images.


Notice anything interesting?

I am flattered that Google thinks I look like the female singer Mpume.

With precise image matching like this, Google may want to cease development of its system. What do you think about the thumbnail images. Yep, just like me. Oh, did I mention I am Caucasian? But if Google sees me differently, I go with Google. The company’s “algorithms” are the dope.

By the way, if you want the “old” image search function, try this link.

Stephen E Arnold, February 16, 2018


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