Just Checking Out Source Code. For Security.

February 18, 2018

Russia and the US have an uneasy alliance, but economic trade and technology ease the tension. When it comes to defense software, Russia apparently purchased some from international brands based in the US. The only problem is that it might put the US in danger. SC Media explains how in the article, “Global Tech Firms Let Russian Defense Agency Peek Into Source Code To Search For Flaws.”

The situation, as reported, is that US tech companies McAfee, Symantec, Micro Focus, and SAP have allowed a Russian defense agency access to the source code in order to find vulnerabilities. Russia claims it is to prevent bad actors from using the software, but the US sees it a different way.

The Pentagon and lawmakers are not too happy with the tech companies. It sounds like a chase to earn the almighty dollar…er…ruble. How does the US feel in their own words?

“‘I fear that access to our security infrastructure – whether it be overt or covert – by adversaries may have already opened the door to harmful security vulnerabilities,’ Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., said, according to Reuters.The software is used not only by the Pentagon, the report said, but also at NASA, the State Department, the FBI and within the intelligence community, where it’s used to fend off attacks by nation-states such as Russia. ‘Even letting people look at source code for a minute is incredibly dangerous,’ Reuters quoted Steve Quane, executive vice president for network defense at Trend Micro, as saying.”

Who will win, US security or demand for profit?

Whitney Grace, February 18, 2018


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