Kentucky Technology: Stick with Horse Racing

February 21, 2018

Who knows if the information in “KFC: Enemy of Waistlines, AI, Arteries and Logistics Software” is steroid infused or faux chicken.


I loved the factoids in the write up for three reasons:

  1. I live in Harrod’s Creek, Kentucky, where fried squirrel is almost as popular as fried chicken with those herbs, spices, and what nots.
  2. Kentucky Fried Chicken has, according to local legend, had some squabbles in the software barnyard. Does Taco Bell system play nice with the fried chicken outlet systems? What about restaurant management software from folks in the even deeper South down Atlanta way?
  3. Kentucky Fried Chicken is famous in certain circles for the perfect celebratory feast. In Chicago, so the chatter goes, the buckets are a required food stuff after an event.

Here are the factoids I noted:

  • Self driving cars think the KFC logo is a stop sign. (I watched the Yandex self driving car video and it sailed right by what appeared to be fast food joints. If I spot a Yandex car braking for a bucket, I will pass along the information.)
  • A software glitch nuked some important information.
  • A shift to DHL from an outfit called Bidvest created a chicken shortage in some UK KFC outlets. No chicken? How does one fix this? Hit the Waitrose? Nah, shut the friend chicken shops.

Are you hungry for a two piece meal with the mandatory biscuit? Tip: Don’t tell the human at the counter to skip the biscuit. You have to wait if none are sitting on the ready line. Don’t like it? Hmmm.

Stephen E Arnold, February 21, 2018


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