Not Quite 15 SEO Assertions: Commentary from the Addled Goose

March 1, 2018

I read “Stay in the Online Marketing Game With these 15 SEO Statistics in 2018.” I am sitting in my log cabin in Harrod’s Creek, Kentucky. The flood waters are rising, and the odor of mine drainage run off fills the morning air. What’s a good use of my time? Commenting on the 15 search engine optimization “statistics.” The write up presents ten items, but, hey, for the SEO wizards that’s close enough. Ten is a really big number. The 15 in the headline is just marketing.

Buckle your seatbelts. Here we go.

“Statistic” Beyond Search Honk
Desktop search traffic This is cratering. Most queries are from mobile devices. Web sites and blogs are going the way of the dodo
Searches per second Bogus data because “searches” happen without the user taking action
Number of words in a search Look at results from multi word queries. See the strikeouts. That’s cost reduction and advertising in action
Mobile devices Smart searches mean less user control
Link building and high quality content Nope, the name of the game is buying ads. That triggers relevance
Length of content Baloney
Shares and links Yep, just like the Russia method. Flooding causes some algorithms to go bonkers
Focus on SEO Sure, why not just say, “Hire and SEO expert”?
Strategies Want traffic? Buy ads. See. Simple.
Local SEO Works great if one does business in a area where users rely on their phone for products and services. Here in Harrod’s Creek, I know the stores.

Now you and I know how to stay in the online marketing game with “statistics”:

  • Make up a headline which is inaccurate
  • Present generalizations without back up
  • Statistics? Hey, who wants to deal with numbers.

Plus I am thrilled that the missing five elements were not in the write. No intellectual loss?

Stephen E Arnold, March 1, 2018


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