Is Google The Victim or the Aggressor in Prager Case?

March 8, 2018

Courtroom drama is reaching a high point in an interesting case that might have flown under your radar. Online university Prager U is suing YouTube for taking many of its videos off of YouTube. Seems like an odd choice, until you start to realize just how political this move is and the first amendment can of worms is spilling all over the place. We learned more in a recent FrontPage Mag story, “Prager U Video: Who Will Google Silence Next?”

According to the video shown, Google claimed that some of the company’s educational five minute videos were not appropriate for children.

“Google and YouTube dominate internet search with over 75% of the market. If you disappear on Google, your ability to voice your opinion disappears too. PragerU is an educational non-profit that has had over 40 of their videos restricted by YouTube. That’s why they have recently filed a lawsuit against the tech giant.”

Prager is claiming that this is a misunderstanding and a violation of their first amendment rights, since they say that their short videos are age appropriate across the board. Google, however, is firing back with a surprising defense: It’s actually Google’s first amendment rights that are being violated. They say: “PragerU’s motion is a radical attempt to rewrite the rules governing online services, one that would transform nearly every decision that service providers make about how content may be displayed on their platforms into a constitutional case to be arbitrated by the courts.”

Grab some popcorn, because this is going to be an interesting fight. Adam Carolla is a semi-partner with Mr. Prager. Mr. Carolla has a podcast, and he can create some traction for issues which interest him. Does anyone remember the patent troll who took on the comedian? The patent troll does, I believe.

Patrick Roland, March 8, 2018


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