Twitter: A Brief Guide

March 12, 2018

Twitter continues to be of interest to some of the professionals with whom the addled goose speaks. The ease with which social media can be manipulated is becoming better understood. (Note: Few ask why the algorithms used by some social media outfits are vulnerable, but that’s a question which will follow as understanding increases.)

Social media is constantly changing and just as soon as you are familiar with one search technique it is replaced with another. Twitter is not the most popular social media platform, but it continues to hold its own against Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

In some ways, Twitter is very much like other communication platforms. An “official handbook” has to be assembled by a persistent reader of blog posts, books on Amazon, and information presented in the comments to Hacker News or Reddit, however.

Now a content centric company like Espirian has drafted its own guides that share the in’s and out’s of social media, especially the best ways to search the social Web sites. Espirian wrote the, “Twitter Search: Advance Guide 2018” to help bloggers and other content curators become Twitter search experts.

Here is a short description of the guide:

“Whether you’re researching blog ideas, looking for work or just trying to find out what’s going on near you, the advanced features of Twitter search will help you find the content you need.

We noted that one useful way to to search Twitter is to access the Tweetdeck. The Tweetdeck, an app which allows its users to have a bird’s eye view of their Twitter accounts, their own tweets, others’ tweets, and their news feed. Another way to search Twitter is to access the advanced search option.

For some researchers the difficulty of performing advanced searches is frustrating. Twitter has resisted adding some metadata to its users’ accounts. Despite its quirks, Twitter can be useful for analysts, marketers, and some researchers.

Whitney Grace, March 12, 2018


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