Udpipe for R: An NLP Solution for R

March 19, 2018

Natural language processing is a huge component in not only big data, but machine learning when it relates to reading and understanding languages. Natural language processing is not only important to English, but any foreign language in the modern age that needs to take advantage of AI and machine learning. RBloggers takes a look at another new tool in the area of NLP and its updated features, “Natural Language Processing For Non-English Languages With Udpipe.”

We learned from the write up:

“BNOSAC is happy to announce the release of the udpipe R package (https://bnosac.github.io/udpipe/en) which is a Natural Language Processing toolkit that provides language-agnostic ‘tokenization’, ‘parts of speech tagging’, ‘lemmatization’, ‘morphological feature tagging’ and ‘dependency parsing’ of raw text. Next to text parsing, the package also allows you to train annotation models based on data of ‘treebanks’ in ‘CoNLL-U’ format…”

The udpipe R package supports a wide range of languages from Latin-based to Asian, including Slavonic, Russian, Vietnamese, Finnish, Turkish, Serbian, Japanese, Basque, and Greek.

BNOSAC designed the udpipe R package for designer to build NLP applications that can integrate parts of speech tags, tokens, morphological features and dependency on parsing output. BNOSAC really wants non-English speaking designs to take advantage of the upgrade for their applications, because tools like this should not be restricted to English only communities.

Whitney Grace, March 19, 2018


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