Mondeca: Another Semantic Search Option

April 9, 2018

Mondeca, based in France, has long been focused on indexing and taxonomy. Now they offer a search platform named, simply enough, Semantic Search. Here’s their description:

“Semantic search systems consider various points including context of search, location, intent, variation of words, synonyms, generalized and specialized queries, concept matching and natural language queries to provide relevant search results. Augment your SolR or ElasticSearch capabilities; understand the intent, contextualize search results; search using business terms instead of keywords.”

A few details from the product page caught my eye. Let’s begin with the Search functionality; the page succinctly describes:

“Navigational search – quickly locate specific content or resource. Informational search – learn more about a specific subject. Compound term processing, concept search, fuzzy search, simple but smart search, controlled terms, full text or metadata, relevancy scoring. Takes care of language, spelling, accents, case. Boolean expressions, auto complete, suggestions. Disambiguated queries, suggests alternatives to the original query. Relevance feedback: modify the original query with additional terms. Contextualize by user profile, location, search activity and more.”

The software includes a GUI for visualizing the semantic data, and features word-processing tools like auto complete and a thesaurus. Results are annotated, with key terms highlighted, and filters provide significant refinement, complete with suggestions. Results can also be clustered by either statistics or semantic tags. A personalized dashboard and several options for sharing and publishing round out my list. See the product page for more details.

Established in 1999, Mondeca delivers pragmatic semantic solutions to clients in Europe and North America, and is proud to have developed their own, successful semantic methodology. The firm is based in Paris. Perhaps the next time our beloved leader, Stephen E Arnold, visits Paris, the company will make time to speak with him. Previous attempts to set up a meeting were for naught. Ah, France.

Cynthia Murrell, April 9, 2018


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