Amazon: A Corporate Monster?

June 25, 2018

I am not sure about companies becoming republics or democracies. When I went to work at Halliburton Nuclear, I knew the business and understood that I would get paid to do what my boss told me to do.

I am oriented the same way today in 2018 as I was in 1973. Call me old fashioned.

I read “Amazon Staffers Protest Giant’s ‘Support of the Surveillance State‘”. Okay, employees do not want Amazon to work on certain government projects. Why not quit?

I assume that’s not an option.

I did notice some interesting word choices in the write up; for example:

  • “cops and spies”
  • “moral objections”
  • “separating children”
  • “asylum seeking parents”
  • “chain link cages”
  • “shudder Amazonians”
  • “refuse to build the platform”
  • “ethically concerned Amazonians”
  • “demand a choice”
  • “data slurping outfit Palantir”
  • “linked to the Cambridge Aanlytica data harvesting saga?
  • “immoral US policy”
  • “inhumane treatment:
  • “enable ICE and DHS”
  • “Privacy International”
  • “disgraced US agency”
  • “condemn the policy”

Quite a series of phrases.

Yep, real “news”. Perfect for a Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter post or two. Wait, wait. That’s how exploiting algorithmic functions gain their momentum. Words work wonders.

Stephen E Arnold, June 25, 2018


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