Google: Office Pix

June 27, 2018

A brief write-up at the Android Police supplies a bit of PR for Google— “Tip: Google Photos Can Find All the Photos You’ve Taken at ‘Work’.” We like that “work” angle. Writer Rita El Khoury observes that one of Google’s finest products, as she sees it, has added several features since it came out, including a function that auto-groups users’ photos. It seems she and her colleagues stumbled upon one apparently unheralded feature. She writes:

“But did you know that you can search Photos for ‘work’ and get all the images you’ve snapped at work? I didn’t. We’re not sure how new or old the functionality is, but we just ran across it and it seems very helpful. If your work requires you keep tab of documents or items, or if you make creative products that you catalog, or if you snap pics at work for any other miscellaneous reason, you may want an easy way to filter those photos. You can quickly do that by typing ‘work’ in the Google Photos search field. Photos is probably using your Google location setting for home and work to quickly sift and find pictures taken at work. However, doing a search for ‘Home’ doesn’t yield results of pictures taken at home — instead it shows me all photos of houses and homes that I’ve taken.”

Perhaps Google recognizes there could be more security issues behind automatically grouping photos taken at “home” than there would be for those taken at “work.” That’s a welcome bit of common sense, but it still seems problematic to assign a “work” grouping unbidden. I suppose I’m just old-fashioned that way.

Cynthia Murrell, June 27, 2018


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