Facebook: A Fan of Infowars

July 13, 2018

I don’t know much about Infowars. I do know that the host has an interesting verbal style. The stories, however, don’t make much sense to me. I just ignore the host and the program.

However, if the information in “Facebook Proves It Isn’t Ready To Handle Fake News” is accurate, Facebook is okay with the host and the Infowars’ approach to information.

The write up reports a Facebook news expert as saying:

“I guess just for being false that doesn’t violate the community standards.” I think part of the fundamental thing here is that we created Facebook to be a place where different people can have a voice. And different publishers have very different points of view.

The Buzzfeed story makes this statement:

Despite investing considerable money into national ad campaigns and expensive mini documentaries, Facebook is not yet up to the challenge of vanquishing misinformation from its platform. As its videos and reporter Q&As take pains to note, Facebook knows the truth is messy and hard, but it’s still not clear if the company is ready to make the difficult choices to protect it.

Hey, it’s difficult for some people to deal with responsibility. Ease off. Facebook is trying hard to be better. Every day. Better.

Stephen E Arnold, July 13, 2018


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