Amazon Image Recognition: Industrial Parts

August 9, 2018

Amazon has come out with a handy little app for iOS that could save users some time and frustration. SiliconAngle reports, “Amazon Rolls Out Part Finder to Help Find Nuts and Bolts and More.” Reasonably dubbed Part Finder, the app uses image recognition to identify that little screw, bolt, washer, or nut so you can go get more of the (exact) same. Writer James Farrell tells us:

“Amazon said it identifies about 100 types of fasteners, which ‘represents thousands, if not millions of parts.’ You will, however, have to take the part and place it on a white surface next to a penny, presumably to help scale the object. Then some tilting of the phone will have to be done until the camera is aligned correctly, something the app will tell you. You might also be asked for some additional information. Although the app uses augmented reality technology, Part Finder actually employs computer vision technology. Does it work well? Early reviewers of the app have said it takes a bit of getting used to, or that it’s a great idea that just doesn’t work well enough.”

Farrell observes that Amazon released the app to little fanfare several weeks ago. No word on when Part Finder will be available for Android, but Amazon has said they plan to expand its repertoire well beyond fasteners to all manner of replacement parts.

Cynthia Murrell, August 9, 2018


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