How Long Is the Artificial Intelligence Leash?

August 17, 2018

The merger of AI technology and facial recognition software have been on the minds of the industry’s brightest thinkers lately. With developments coming at a furious clip, it seems as though there is no shortage to the benefits to this amazing prospect. We learned bout just how seamless this software is getting after reading an Inquirer story, “IBM’s Watson AI Used to Develop Multi-Faced Tracking Algorithm.”

According to the piece:

“IBM Watson researcher Chung-Ching Lin led a team of scientists to develop the technology, using a method to spot different individuals in a video sequence…. The system is also able to recognize if people leave and then re-enter the video, even if they look very different.”

Seems positive, doesn’t it? The idea of facial recognition software sweeping across a crowd and pulling out all the individuals from that sequence. However, this could become an issue if used by those with interesting intentions. For example, in some countries, excluding the US, law enforcement uses these systems for drift line surveillance.

Will governments take steps to keep AI on a shorter leash? Some countries will use a short leash because their facial recognition systems are the equivalent of a dog with a bite.

Patrick Roland, August 17, 2018


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