DarkCyber for August 21, 2018 Now Available

August 21, 2018

The DarkCyber video news program for August 21, 2018, is now available. You can view the nine minute show at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress or on Vimeo at this link.

This week’s program reports about Methods for hacking crypto currency … hijacking mobile phones via SIM swapping… TSMC hacked with an Eternal Blue variant… and information about WikiLeaks leaked.

The first story runs down more than nine ways to commit cybercrime in order to steal digital currency. A student assembled these data and published them on a personal page on the Medium information service. Prior to the step by step explanation, ways to exploit blockchain for the purpose of committing a possible crime was difficult to find. The Dark Cyber video includes a link to the online version of this information.

The second story reviews the mobile phone hacking method called SIM swapping. This exploit makes it possible for a bad actor to take control of a mobile phone and then transfer digital currency from the phone owner’s account to the bad actor’s account. More “how to” explanations are finding their way into the Surface Web, a trend which has been gaining momentum in the last six months.

The third story reviews how a variant of the Eternal Blue exploit compromised the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Three of the company’s production facilities were knocked offline. Eternal Blue is the software which enables a number of ransomware attacks. The code was allegedly developed by a government agency. The DarkCyber video provides links to repositories of some software developed by the US government. Stephen E Arnold, author of Dark Web Notebook, “The easier and easier access to specific methods for committing cybercrime make it easy to attack individuals and organizations. On one hand, greater transparency may help some people take steps to protect their data. On the other hand, the actionable information may encourage individuals to try their hand at crime in order to obtain easy money. Once how to information is available to hackers, the likelihood of more attacks, exploits, and crimes is likely to rise.”

The final story reports that WikiLeaks itself has had some of its messages leaked. These messages provide insight into the topics which capture WikiLeaks interest and reveal information about some of the source of support the organization enjoys. The Dark Cyber video provides a link to this collection of WikiLeaks messages.

Stephen E Arnold will be lecturing in Washington, DC, the week of September 6, 2018. If you want to meet or speak with him, please contact him via this email benkent2020 at yahoo dot com.

Kenny Toth, August 21, 2018


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