Semantic Struggles and Metadata

August 31, 2018

I have noticed the flood of links and social media posts about semantics from David Amerland. I found many of the observations interesting; a few struck me as a wildly different view of indexing. A recent essay by David AmerlandSnipers Use Metadata Much Like Semantic Search Does” caught the Beyond Search team’s attention.


Learn about “The Sniper Mind” at this link.

According to the story:

“There are two key takeaways here [about metadata and trained killers]: First, such skills are directly transferable in the business domain and even in most life situations. Second, in order to use their brain in this way snipers need training. The mental training and the psychological aids that are developed as a result of it is what I detailed…”

We must admit that it is a fresh metaphor: Comparing killers’ use of indexing with semantic search. In our experience with professional indexing systems and human indexers, the word “sniper” has not to our recollection been used.

Watch your back, your blindside, or ontology. Oh, also metaphors.

Patrick Roland, August 31, 2018


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