IBM and Its Employee Assessment Idea

September 4, 2018

If you are a programmer at IBM, you might be sitting on a powderkeg of ecpnomic and credibility challenges. No, it has nothing to do with national security or privacy. It has to do with your performance review. We learned about his strange AI wrinkle from a recent Computing story, “IBM is Automating Employee Performance Analysis with Watson AI.”

According to the story:

“The AI also takes information from IBM’s databases to find out if those workers have boosted their skills. It then serves a performance rating up to managers who can look at the score and decide what pay, bonuses and promotions the employees might be up for.”

Can you imagine writing the code for the AI that judges whether or not you get an annual raise? We suspect that this plan has a lot of potential for excitement. It would not be unlike if the criminals were allowed to write the programs that handle AI sentencing in the courts. Thankfully, that has not happened, but if we were advising IBM, the Beyond Search team might want to keep humans in the loop.

Watson could not cure cancer. Therefore, Watson can do compensation? Even in Harrod’s Creek, the two statements are difficult to reconcile.

Patrick Roland, September 4, 2018



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