Deep Learning Helps Bing Spotlight Aggregate Breaking News

September 20, 2018

News aggregators sift through the vast number of news stories out there to focus on the content users want to see (and lead to filter bubbles, but that is another topic.) Now, Microsoft has built an aggregator for breaking content right into its browser. VentureBeat reports, “Bing Spotlight Uses AI to Highlight Developing News Stories.” Writer Kyle Wiggers informs us:

“A spokesperson told VentureBeat via email that Bing Spotlight is an ‘evolving feature,’ and that the team will evaluate options based on feedback. Bing Spotlight spots trending topics with the help of deep learning algorithms that ingest millions of search queries and news articles every day. Leaning on a web graph of ‘hundreds of millions’ of websites, it factors in signals such as browser logs, the number of publishers covering a story, and how prominently each publisher featured their respective stories on their sites.’ Articles have to be ‘original, readable, newsworthy, and transparent’ before they’re considered for a top spot, and must demonstrate ‘sound journalistic practices’ such as identify sources and authors, giving attribution, and labeling opinion and commentary.”

Wiggers reproduces a diagram that illustrates the sections of a Spotlight results page—a carousel at the top revolves through related stories; a section titled Perspectives offers various points of view on the topic; the Rundown presents the story’s development over time; and, of course, there’s a section that shares related social media posts. ­­­Notably, this development comes on the heels of a similar move from Google—that company recently retooled their Google News app for smartphones. I suppose all users must do is decide who they want assembling their news for them.

Cynthia Murrell, September 20, 2018


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