DarkCyber for September 25, 2018, Now Available

September 25, 2018

DarkCyber for September 25, 2018, is now available at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress and on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/291347184 

Stephen E Arnold’s DarkCyber is a weekly video news and analysis program about the Dark Web and lesser known Internet services.

This week’s program covers four Dark Web and security related stories.

The first story answers the question, “What are some essential programs for my hacking toolkit. DarkCyber identifies eight tools used by an ethical hacker and provides links to these programs. Each program performs a specific function and delivers information about passwords, system configuration, and other items of information associated with a target.

The second story explores a money laundering method implemented via online games. By exploiting the allegedly lax credit card verification methods used by Apple and other online game sellers, bad actors can use a stolen card to purchase digital assets sold within an online game. The assets can enhance the game play of the purchaser by activating special powers and other features. These digital assets can then be resold with the payments directed to an encrypted and allegedly anonymous digital currency wallet. DarkCyber notes that few parents and some game players are unaware of this scam.

The third story takes a look at Verizon’s detailed analysis of cyber crime exploits. The free report provides “how to” instructions for undertaking social engineering, hardware attacks, and malware attacks. The report includes detailed tables and appendices with additional cyber crime information. Stephen E Arnold, author of Dark Web Notebook, said, “The Verizon report contains information of value for security and law enforcement personnel. Unfortunately, this type of explanatory information provides bad actors with important insights into specific methods are effective when attacking an organization or an individual.”

The final story explains how to create a custom Tor Onion URL. Instead of a string of incomprehensible letters and numbers, DarkCyber reviews a method for generating a more easily recognized URL like “bobsbankxxxxxxxx. The procedure taps an open source software program and specific operational types created by a security expert. The video includes the site locations for the software and the instructional article.

Beginning with the program for October 30, 2018, and then for programs released on November 6, November 13, and November 20, Stephen will issue a series of four DarkCyber programs about Amazon’s policeware initiative. Each video will be about three minutes. The standard news format will resume on November 27.

The DarkCyber team has developed a for fee one hour briefing about the little known facet of Amazon’s product and services initiative. To set up a video conference, email benkent2020 at yahoo dot com. Please, put “Amazon policeware” in the subject line.

Kenny Toth, September 25, 2018

Kenny Toth


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