Amazon: Policeware Capability Microsoft May Not Be Able to Duplicate

October 1, 2018

You, like others, are probably not interested in our Amazon policeware research. That’s super.

I do, however, want to document that Amazon has moved beyond the wonky Loon balloons and Facebook’s airplanes to a more practical view of data from above.

Navigate to “Satellite Company Partners with Bezos’ AWS to Bring Internet Connectivity to the Whole Planet.”

The idea is to get into a flow of data. If you have attended one of my Amazon Policeware lectures, you will recall the diagram that shows the data flowing into a nifty construct built painstakingly since 2008.

The policeware angle is to make sense of these and other data via cross correlation and other functions.

New partners, new data, and new outputs — Amazon is moving forward, and I am not sure Microsoft as well as fellow travelers like Google and Oracle can match Amazon’s forced march in its effort to reword the intelligence and law enforcement intelligence ecosystem.

For me, our analysis of Amazon is a reminder of what we discovered in 2002 when my researchers and I were working on Google’s patents, technical articles, and hires PhD theses.

No one cared until BearStearns paid to recycle some of the more interesting facets of our work. Want to know more. Write the every faithful BenKent2020 at yahoo dot com for information about our for fee briefing on this subject.

Stephen E Arnold, October 1, 2018


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