Semantic SEO: A Frothy Romp

November 6, 2018

Someone spent a long, long time assembling the information included in “Using Topic Modelling to Win Big with NLP and Semantic Search.” [The original spells “modelling” with two Ls. I have changed the spelling in my write up.] I am not exactly sure what “semantic search” means. I have a glimmer of understanding about natural language processing. Whether it works as one assumes is, of course, another thing entirely. The idea of “topic modeling” is new. “Models” I get. Topic modeling, not so much. My thought is that the phrase means indexing and categorization. But?

The slide deck covers quite a bit of ground in the Microsoft / LinkedIn / Slideshare document. The lingo in the document includes a bountiful gathering of buzzwords.Also, there’s an equation, although, I am not certain it clarifies. Could it be that its inclusion is intended to add some mathiness to the confection?

Here you go. Channel your inner Leibnitz with an intuitive view:


Remarkable what SEO experts can assemble.

Stephen E Arnold, November 6, 2018



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