High School Science Club: Making Traffic Better

November 9, 2018

I read “BlackFly the Autonomous VTOL Backed by Larry Page.” I immediately thought of my high school science club. I also thought about a fellow whom I know. This person built an airplane in his garage. No one will go for a ride in the thing. Experimental is not a magnet for some in Harrod’s Creek. However, one will allegedly be able to beat traffic by buying a BlackFly. Imagine. Those wonderfully courteous drivers piloting their own flying car. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s what the well healed high school science club member will be “flying” to the prom with a beauty content winner from another school or a source provided by doting parents.

Traffic problems in the air? Never. Science club person traveling alone. Yep.

Stephen E Arnold, November 9, 2018


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