Amazonia for November 26, 2018

November 27, 2018

The little ecommerce company has been beavering away.

Amazon Basics Now Includes ARM Server CPUs

One of Amazon’s stealth technologists announced AWS Graviton Processor. Amazon offers up a few details at this link. Lower cost, specialized capabilities, and proof that Amazon is thinking hardware thoughts. IBM markets its cloud capabilities and Microsoft tries to keep Azure alive and well, Amazon powers into a new space. Who wrote about these chips? None other than Jeff Barr. Trust the Beyond Search goose. This is a pivotal member in the Bezos Brain Bucket.

Amazon Sells a Lot over the Holiday

Although the source is not the most reliable, Bloomberg reports that Amazon sold more products in five days in the Thanksgiving interval than it did in 2017. Hard numbers? How about 18 million toys. Ah, Bloomberg. Get the scoop at this link. The Street says that Amazon sold $8 billion in stuff on one day. What about the mom and pop hobby store in Paducah, Kentucky? Oh, it closed. Too bad.

New Gizmo Coming?

IEEE Spectrum drops a lot of buzzwords suggesting that Amazon’s secretive Lab126 is working on new products. IEEE suggests that a paper outfit is connected to Amazon. The outfit is Chrome Enterprises, and it may be working on a faster, better, and probably cheaper way to do wireless magic. The report includes this soothing paragraph:

Cupertino’s branch of MassageEnvy is fewer than 500 meters from a satellite Lab126 building, called SJC3.

Amazon Offers Free Online Class to Train You to Use AWS

ZDNet reported that Amazon offer free training. The idea is that Amazon will teach you to use Sagemaker, DeepLens, and other AWS smart software. Hey, if the universities cannot do the job, Amazon can. The write up stated:

The company has over 30 online machine-learning courses, including video, labs, and documentation that have been used within Amazon for the past 20 years.

Here’s another Amazon wizard’s name to note: Dr Matt Wood, AWS’s general manager of artificial intelligence.

How do you know you have passed the course. Well, you pay $300 for an AWS SAT type test, of course.

Has Microsoft got the Windows 10 update working yet? What about Azure log ins? Two Seattle companies. Which has momentum?

Stephen E Arnold, November 26, 2018


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