Factualities for December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018

The word of the year is “misinformation.” With that in mind, believe these factualities or do not believe them. Your call.

  • 18 million. According to the Inquirer, “LinkedIn received a small slap on the wrist from Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (IDPC) over its usage of 18 million email addresses belonging to non-members of the world’s biggest humblebrag website.” Ah, Microsoft LinkedIn.
  • 60 million. Number of people affected by the United States Post Office data leak. Source: Dark Reading
  • 500 million. Number of people affected by data leaks at Marriott Starwood. Source: Pymnts.com
  • 52. The number of times a day a person checks his or her mobile phone. Source: Ubergizmo
  • 175 zettabytes. How much data will be produced each year by humans and their systems. Source: the ever reliable IDC. See this link for information about their administrative expertise.
  • 4,829 percent. Revenue increase at Darktrace, a UK cyber security firm. Source: Compelo
  • 1,300. Number of photos of their children parents have posted online by the time the kids are 13. Source: Technology Review
  • 900 percent. Amount Facebook inflated its data related to its “ad watching”. Source: Slashdot

Stephen E Arnold, December 5, 2018


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