Google Explains: Yes, We Ignore Do Not Track

December 8, 2018

I love explanations which raise more questions than they answer. Facebook is good at this approach to governance, editorial policy, and decision making fantasy prose. But Google is Googley.

I read “Turn Do Not Track On or Off.” Here’s the passage I noted:

Most websites and web services, including Google’s, don’t change their behavior when they receive a Do Not Track request. Chrome doesn’t provide details of which websites and web services respect Do Not Track requests and how websites interpret them.

With Microsoft throwing in the towel on Edge, I think that most people using a browser are going to be tracked. In short, Chromium based browsers are not playing a gatekeeper role for their users.

I may be wrong, but I did not find the article helpful.

I do think that Google is thinking about Google. I assume that is why Marine General Joseph Dunbar wanted to know why Google will work with China but not with the US military.

Yes, we do not work with some requests. Interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, December 8, 2018


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