Business Intelligence: A Priority for 2019

December 12, 2018

Despite the emergence of what look like monopolies, many companies want to know what their competition is doing. If you have the cash and expertise, you can use tools from Tibco or Quid. But what if money is not flowing like cash into Facebook and Google?

We noted Business 2 Community’s article: “5 Free Tools To Help You Spy On Your Competitors.”

One tool is Google Alerts that can be set up to email you whenever your competition has new online results, while Social Mention is a search engines that specializes in searching social media and other user generated content Web sites. BuzzSumo is probably one of the best tools:

“Want to create content that gets a ton of engagement like your competition does? BuzzSumo is one of the best tools available for content marketing and spying on your competition. With this tool you can enter the domain of your competition and see what content is performing the best for them. BuzzSumo will display how many shares they get on social media and who their biggest influencers are. This valuable information will help you analyze the top performing content topics and formats so that you can step up your content marketing game.”

Likealyzer is a Facebook analyzer that generates reports on well a Facebook page is doing and how it can be improved, while Woorank does the same except for the competition’s Web site.

Will these tools answer your business questions? Probably not in a comprehensive manner. But the free stuff is worth checking out.

Whitney Grace, December 12, 2018


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