Factualities for December 12, 2018

December 12, 2018

Remember Statistics 101. I even kept my textbook. But in today’s zip line world where the trips are often controlled and surrounded by fluffy polystyrene, looking at hard “real” facts can be fun. Believe ‘em or not:

  • $1.25 million US. The amount Google pays a 14 year old developer who resides in India. Source: Rexcharles Blog
  • 70 percent cost reduction. Savings reported by FBI after moving its Counterterrorism Division data to Amazon Web Services. Source: Sociable.co
  • 2 to 1. The rate at which AMD cpus allegedly outsold Intel CPUs in Germany. Source: Inquirer
  • 100 million. Number of accounts at Quora (which has questions and answers about security) lost in security breach. Source: Quora
  • $22 million. How much a seven year old makes on YouTube.Source: BBC
  • Four. The number of currency counting machines broken during counting of $31 million in paper currency was seized from a Chinese home. Source: Lithub
  • 24 number of Amazon workers harmed when robot broke open a container of bear repellent. Source: Futurism
  • 87. the percentage of US corporations which have “immature” analytics. Source: Gartner (an outfit which is good with numbers most of the time)
  • 47.17. The percentage of Android devices with malware. Source: Express

Stephen E Arnold, December 12, 2018


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