Intelligenx Features Threat Intelligence Services

December 28, 2018

We have once before noted a tendency for Intelligenx to mold itself to the marketplace. The directory search publisher that once declared its mission was “to change the way the world finds information” now bills itself as a threat intelligence firm, with a wide roster of security-related services and a selection of related white papers. Interesting pivot. The write-up on their home page emphasizes:

“Intelligenx enables you to regain control of information security with a variety of solutions that provide adaptable fast environments. We take you a step further on Security and one step ahead of the threats. Intelligenx aggregates all information security data across systems, employees and social markers to provide a single integrated view of your safety. Companies and Government agencies have been suffering from attacks by a variety of groups and technologies around the world. After 2 decades of providing talented teams and solutions to the market, it became evident that the industry needed a decentralized and secure solution to fill the gap. For that reason, Intelligenx set out to identify and alert our clients of threats using Analytics as our basic approach. We generate adaptive and self-evolving platforms using cutting-edge concepts, powered by a constantly growing interdisciplinary work team.”

This is indeed an interesting direction for the publishing industry. As for the Clay platform, Weissman suspects this timing may be an effort to make its parent company, New York Media, LLC, look tasty to potential buyers. The company is reported to have already fielded a few offers.

Perhaps it is just this sort of adaptability that has allowed the company to survive since its founding in 1996. Intelligenx is based in Herndon, Virginia.

Cynthia Murrell, December 28, 2018


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