Google Translate: A Facelift but Some Post-Op Needed

January 17, 2019

Google Translate is the go to app to figure out what people are saying in a foreign language. One of the best features is that Google Translate scans the text and can translate it, albeit a garbled version. Google Translate has gotten a makeover and Mobile Syrup spills the details: “Google Translate Web Site Gets Material Design Refresh And New Features.”

Google Translation’s face lift is part of the Material Design change. The basic design remains the same, but the text and document buttons are rounder. There are also two new blue buttons above the input box, labeled “text” and “documents.” Text is to translate the current page, while documents translated uploaded files. There is a new “History,” “Saved,” and “Community” buttons. History contains a list of previous translations, while saved opens your own custom phrasebook of saved translations. Community is for language lovers, where they can verify and view other users’ translations. However, if you have to speak two-five languages to participate.

The newest change is:

“Perhaps one of the most significant changes is a new responsive design. Adjusting the size of the window will dynamically adjust Translate’s layout. For example, if you use a smaller window, Translate will take on a more ‘mobile friendly’ layout with a vertical-oriented system. When you expand your window out, it’ll adjust back to a horizontal layout.”

The changes to Google Translate are slight, but the app could use some enhancements when handling popular words; for example, “jajillas.”

Whitney Grace, January 17, 2018


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