Palantir Revenue: Close to $1 Billion

January 18, 2019

I read “Palantir Posted Nearly $1 Billion in 2018 Sales, Executive Says.” The write up states:

Palantir Technologies Inc., the data analytics startup co-founded by Peter Thiel, generated almost $1 billion in revenue last year, an executive said in a French television interview.

Half of that revenue came from commercial clients. The other half came from non commercial clients like government agencies and non governmental organizations.

The company’s new Foundry product contributed to a boost in revenue, which had been forecast to be $750 million.

How close to $1 billion is Palantir? It seems that Palantir is closer to $800 million in revenue which is going to be okay for financial horse shoes.

How long has it taken Palantir to reach the $800 million figure, assuming that it is accurate?

Palantir was founded in 2003. That’s close to 15 years. How long did it take Autonomy to get close to $800 million in revenue? About 14 years.

What’s Palantir’s secret sauce? Its proprietary systems and methods. What was Autonomy’s secret sauce? Its secret neuro dynamics system.

Interesting. Palantir and Autonomy share other similarities as well.

The trajectory of Palantir’s initial public offering will be an event for investors who have injected about $2 billion in the firm.

Few search centric, content processing, analytics companies have achieved this type of revenue.

Like me, stakeholders in Palantir will be anticipating a pay day. Once the dust settles, I will get more information about sustainable revenue and other tidbits about the company. Perhaps other parallels with Autonomy will become evident.

Stephen E Arnold, January 18, 2019


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