The Job Requirements Of A Dark Web Hunter

February 5, 2019

Batman is one of the best superheroes ever created. Batman’s gimmick is that he is a master of criminal activity, except he does not use his powers for evil, but for good. If Batman wanted to he could be the kingpin of crime, but he would rather save Gotham and innocent lives. Batman is a fictional superhero, but there are real world equivalents. One type of real world Batman are ethical hackers, i.e. IT experts who use their powers for good. What does it take to be an IT Batman, though? We picked up a Verizon job posting that lists the requirements for a: “Dark Web-OSINT Investigative Research Consultant.”

Verizon is a leading North American mobile phone and Internet provider and they have a team dedicated to tracking and preventing threats to their network, customers, and sensitive data. The job posting is for an opening on the Verizon Threat Response Advisory Center Intelligence Team, specifically for an expert in the surface, deep, and Dark Web. The Dark Web consultant will support Verizon’s Threat Intelligence Platform Service, the Rapid Response Retainer, and will provide threat intelligence for the company at large.

Moving further into the posting it reads like a “superhero want ad”:

“In order to proactively detect and identify such activity or investigate on-going attacks from foreign adversaries and cyber criminals, VTRAC requires a seasoned Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Investigative Research Consultant (Darkweb Hunter) that can conduct in-depth and investigative research, identification, and detection of adversarial attempts to degrade and disrupt their landscape, supply chains, physical infrastructure, personnel, and ecosystem.

In order to identify and detect such activity, VTRAC requires a seasoned Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Investigative Research Consultant who has in-depth physical and cyber tradecraft methodology and Tactics, Technics and Procedures (TTP) knowledge of foreign intelligence services, state-sponsors of terrorism, U.S. and international criminal organizations, and hacktivists.”

The job tasks include open source intelligence (OSINT) investigative research, intelligence that protects the company’s infrastructure, security intelligence, report analysis, and consultation. Interested personnel need at least a bachelor’s degree or four or more years of experience, OSINT experience, knowledgeable in cyber threats and deep and Dark Web. Applicants will rise to the top of the pile if they have a master’s degree, counterintelligence experience, are an ethical hacker, and are familiar with CISSP.

With all this knowledge, the Dark Web consultant could probably become Batman with the right technology, tools, and a giant robot to take over the physical tasks. As for the bottomless fortune part, maybe the Dark Web consultant could be a Robin Hood-steal the money from the bad guys and use it for good.

Whitney Grace, February 5, 2019


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