Factualities for February 6, 2019

February 6, 2019

Did you pay attention in Statistics 101? If you did, some of these data may bring back recollections about what’s required for valid outputs. Test your knowledge.

$13 billion. The amount of revenue Apple generated fro China in the last 12 weeks. The number is 27 percent lower than the number reported one year ago for the comparable quarter. Source: CNBC

$7.37. Facebook’s average revenue per user. This number is up 19 percent year on year. Source: CNBC

$22.4 billion. The amount of money raised by startups in the San Francisco Bay area in 2018. Startups in the rest of the US raised $24.9 billion. Source: Crunchbase

6 hours, 42 minutes. The average amount of time an individual spends online every day. The total time spent online per year is more than 100 days. Source: Metro

356. The number of Iran linked Facebook accounts removed from the service. The reason? “Coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Source: Facebook

24,500. The number of injection drug users in San Francisco. Source: Marginal Revolution

4.3 million. The number of times Google Play apps facilitating malicious apps were downloaded. Source: Arstechnica

267,000. The number of DirecTV subscribers lost by AT&T after a $5 price hike. Source: Motherboard

20 percent. The percentage of “people” in the world who believe the economic system is working for them. Source: Palladium Magazine

Fourth place. The rank of Iran’s cyber army in size among world powers. Source: IDG

1,580. Number of counterfeiting arrests the US Secret Service made in 2018. Source: LA Times

$17.9 billion. The cost of revenues for Google in 2018. The number is up 26 percent year on year. Source: CBR Online

Stephen E Arnold, February 5, 2019


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