Factualities for February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

Data, data everywhere. The joy of two much data and analysis paralysis thrills anyone who revels in “real” facts. Professors of statistics, however, may not be amused.

$80 billion. The cost of poor customer service in 2018. Source: IBM

$2 billion. The amount IBM is “betting” to improve the hardware used for artificial intelligence by 1,000 times. What happened to quantum computing? DarkCyber does not know. Source: HPC Wire

164. The number of times faster IBM cloud functions can perform 100,000 forecasts. Source: IBM

$79. The amount each iPhone user spent on apps in 2018. Source: TechCrunch

$70 million. The cost of romance fraud to victims looking for love. Source: Sky News

10 percent. Percentage of a sample of “respondents” who said they have dated a person to gain access to that individual’s Netflix account. Source: Boy Genius Report

32 percent. Percentage of Canadian seafood samples mislabeled; that is, fish marked as sea bass could have been catfish. Source: University of Guelph

Six. The number of cancer types a single drug successfully treats. Source: London Economic

16,000. Number of flaws in the software for Google Chrome discovered by the science club inspired tool called Clusterfuzz. Source: Google

84 percent. The percentage of people in the UK between the ages of 18 and 24 use the Internet as their primary source of news. Source: Dark Web News

288,000,000. The square footage Amazon’s warehouses, offices, retail spaces, and data centers occupy. Source: The Atlantic

$85,000,000. The amount Google earns per day in profit. Source: IT Pro Portal

33 percent. The percentage of “news” produced by Bloomberg’s automated editorial system. Source: The envious New York Times

Stephen E Arnold, February 13, 2019


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