Factualities for February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019

There’s nothing like numbers, opaque data about sample size, and zero information about statistical methods to make one long for spring. Ponder these outputs, please.

800. The number of people terminated after Activision Blizzard announced record income for 2018. Source: Variety

620 million. The number of stolen accounts from 16 Web sites now offered on the “Dark Web.” Source: The Register

127 million. The number of additional stolen accounts offered by the bad actor who stole 620 accounts. Source: TechCrunch

33 percent. The percentage of businesses which can protect themselves from data breaches. Source IT Pro Portal

33 percent. Success of fishing Federal Housing Finance Agency employees. Source: Government Computer News

26. The number of key algorithms advancing post-quantum cryptography. No, ah, a post quantum something. Source: NIST

67 percent. The percentage of US bankruptcies caused by medical bills. Source: Christian Journal

37 percent. The percentage of Americans who have been harassed online. Source: Wired (pay wall may apply to you)

3,000. The number of Walgreen pharmacies and convenience shops which will accept Ant Financial’s digital wallet. Source: Ecommerce Daily News

6,250. Number of serial killers in a Calgary professor’s database. Source: Archive.org

$50. The amount per computer to get security updates for Windows 7 for one year. Price doubles each subsequent year. Source: ZDNet

$150,000. The amount per infringed movie a pirate must pay if guilty of illegal streaming. Source: Ars Technica

13X. The multiple of growth in marketing companies in the blockchain sector in the last 18 months. Source: Venture Beat

13%. The sales decline for notebook computers in the next 12 weeks. Source: Digitimes

$100,150. Amount an individual paid for a sticker sealed copy of Super Mario Brothers video game. Source: CNet

$9.4 billion. The amount Google allegedly paid Apple to be the default search engine in Safari. Source: Business Insider (pay wall may apply to you)

Until next week, happy analysis with solid data.

Stephen E Arnold, February 20, 2019


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