DarkCyber for February 26, 2019, Now Available

February 26, 2019

DarkCyber for February 26,2019, is now available at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress and on Vimeo at https://www.vimeo.com/77362226.

The program is a production of Stephen E Arnold. It is the only weekly video news shows focusing on the Dark Web and lesser known Internet services.

This week’s story line up includes: a nano drone for US Army operators; lonely heart cyber cons; a major denial of service takedown; and a snapshot of Cyberheist, a deep dive into financial cyber crime.

The first story explores FLIR’s Black Hornet nano drones. These devices are the size of one half sheet of paper and weigh as much as a single slice of bread. US Army operators will use the devices to see around corners and look over the next ridge. Each drone can transmit high definition video and still images and remain aloft for 30 minutes. The operator can fly the nearly invisible drones from a handheld mobile phone sized controller. The nano drones will be used by military forces in France as well as by US military personnel.

The second story explains how romance cons have become a growth business for cyber criminals. The method exploits online dating or “hook up” sites. Individuals seek females over the age of 50, build trust via online communications, and then use that relationship to obtain cash or financial information. Losses average, according to the UK authorities, about $10,000 per successful con. Victims are often reluctant to go to the authorities because they are embarrassed about their behavior.

The third story provides information about the recent takedown of individuals responsible for more than 200,000 denial of service attacks. One of the individuals arrested began his business based on making it easy to knock a Web site offline when he was 17. The method used flooded a Web site or service with a large number of requests. If the targeted service was not correctly configured, the DDOS attack would cause the Web site or service to become unresponsive.

The final story provides a summary of a free book called “Cyberheist.” The 260 document provides a wealth of information about the mechanisms used for stealing bank account information, credit card data, and other personal financial information. The volume reviews numerous types of online methods for deceiving an individual into providing information or for allowing the attacker to install malware on the target’s computing device. DarkCyber provides information about how to download this useful volume without charge.

Kenny Toth, February 26, 2019


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