Amazonia for March 4, 2019

March 4, 2019

Amazon continues to chug along. Perhaps the most surprising announcement from the Bezos brigade was an initiative to expand in the grocery sector. The Wall Street Journal lurks behind a paywall erected by nice people at NICE. The announcement came when Kroger, one of the large chains, revealed that it was cutting back on accepting Visa cards. Amazon does accept Visa cards and may be targeting Kroger-type outfits with its new initiative.

Other Amazonia included:

The Dash Trashed

Dash buttons are no more. Source: ZDNet

Cutting Delivery Costs

Get your Amazon deliveries on your “Amazon day.” Sounds good. But how costly is it for Amazon to send trucks to the same house twice, maybe three times a day? Amazon won’t say, but just take the cost of a one time delivery and multiple by two or three. The multiple has to be trimmed. Bundle up the deliveries and send one truck once a week. Is this a small step toward the fare thee well to next day, two day, and three day delivery for some Amazon customers? The Prime marketing angle is interesting, but there is a “green” slant as well. Fewer deliveries to the same house becomes an ecological decision, not just a convenience decision. You can learn more about the start of a mechanism for weaning customers who marvel at rapid delivery in “Amazon Sets Up Program for Weekly Scheduled Deliveries.”

Size of AWS

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services revealed that the online bookstore is on target to generate $30 billion from its cloud business. Google and Microsoft covet this revenue scale. There are wannabes like HP, IBM, and Oracle who want to fly into the clouds as well. Source: CNBC

Amazon Translate

Amazon offers machine translation which complements Amazon Comprehend. To use these tools you will need knowledge of Kotlin, a cross platform programming language. Kotlin plays nice with Java. For the details about Amazon Translate, you will find the Translate API documentation the place to begin. Why’s this important? Understanding of Amazon’s tools for its policeware initiative may be useful.

Textbook Creator Subsumed into Kindle Create

Plan on writing a text book in order to make millions? If you are, you will be using Kindle Create, not Kindle Textbook Creator. Digital Reader provides some detail.

Fake Branded Products? Yes, Yes, Yes

Quartz reported that Amazon “has finally admitt3ed to investor that it has a counterfeit problem.” The online information service does not provide much information about why this problem has grown, nor why the issue exists at the world’s largest online bookstore. Amazon measures to prevent counterfeit goods are not working.

Amazon Shipping

Amazon’s unfortunate delivery malfunction is not likely to slow the firm’s push into the land of FedEx.’s CEO agrees. Amazon’s shipping business is likely to be a factor going forward. will partner with Amazon to ship packages. “Aggressive pricing” is likely to be the mechanism to take market share from the likes of FedEx and UPS. Source: The Motley Fool

Sprint Embraces Amazon for Internet of Things Play

The title of the story announcing this deal was “Amazon Web Services to Integrate Its Cloud Services with Sprint’s Curiosity IoT Platform to Bring Actionable Intelligence to the Network Edge.” The buzzword undergrowth is dense. The message is Sprint will run its IoT services on AWS. The article stated:

AWS storage and IoT services will now be integrated with Sprint’s distributed and virtualized IoT core network to provide enterprise customers with optimized traffic routing, processing, and storage of IoT data. Leveraging the AWS cloud and the Curiosity IoT native LTE core, enterprises can now process IoT data locally, distribute IoT applications, and forward data to the cloud to run analytics and get insights to make better and more accurate decisions for IoT applications and machine learning use cases.

Partners Make Announcements

Amazon continues to expand its partnering related offerings. Among the partners making announcements last week were:

  • D3 Banking platform now on AWS. Source: Yahoo Finance. Note: Yahoo links go dead so be prepared.
  • Infinitive is now an AWS consulting partner. Source: Business Journals
  • RedHat (IBM) offers Kubernetes registry. Source: BetaNews
  • Ribbon and its Session Border Control service. Source: Yahoo Finance. Note: Yahoo links go dead so be prepared.
  • Symantec security integration. Source SDxCentral
  • TribalScale is an AWS partner. Source: MarketWatch
  • Univa HPC offers cloud solutions on AWS. Source: HPCwire
  • Working Group Two offers cloud managed mobile service on AWS. Source: Yahoo Finance. Note: Yahoo links go dead so be prepared.
  • Zadara storage. Source: Virtualization Review


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