A Chat Search Feature for WhatsApp

March 21, 2019

Computers and anything with a hard drive or indexable database can be searched. Chat and text messages are stored are such devices, but good luck trying to find information with a quick search. WhatsApp is a popular message service and it might be on the verge of a breakthrough in chat technology: search. Mirror shares the story, “WhatsApp’s New Feature Will Make Searching Through Chats MUCH Easier.”

WhatsApp and other message services already have basic search functions that allow users to find specific messages, some keywords, and other information. The basic search still requires users to search through their messages to find information they cannot pull up with the function. That takes a long time and often does not yield successful results. WhatsApp will debut an advanced search mode that will outpace its basic search by a long run.

What will the new Whatsapp advanced search do?

“Advanced Search will let you filter your search, whether you’re looking for photos, links, audio, documents, GIFs or videos. The feature will also show your Search History. WABetaInfo explained: “If you tap a media file, for example Photos, WhatsApp will show all messages that contain an image!” Thankfully, your history an also be easily deleted, using a ‘Clear’ button. Your search results will also include a preview, meaning there’s no need to open the search result in order to see it.”

We believe this development could be an important one.

Whitney Grace, March 21, 2019


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