Edge AI Edges Closer

May 13, 2019

The smart software and artificial intelligence “thing” is repetitive, less than forthcoming, and overhyped. No, Amazon, I don’t want to read mysteries written by European writers. That’s my wife’s interest, not mine. We share an account. AI, even Amazon’s is not that intelligent. Plus, Amazon, despite the hyperbole, is evolving into a 21st century version of the venerable IBM mainframe of the late 1950s and 1960s. The people in white lab coats have been replaced with individuals wearing faded jeans and T shirts, but the arcane lingo, the “specially approved” consultants, and the PR obfuscation have brought my thinking back to the good old days.

But there may be a development which could cause either an Amazon acquisition or a Google panic attack. Navigate to “How Unreal AI Is Using Proprietary Algorithms To Turn Videos Into Usable Data.” The write up explains that Edge AI has developed a method

to run machine learning models on low-cost edge devices so as to reduce their dependence on the cloud for intelligence.

I noted this statement offered by an Edge AI founder:

“AI on the edge is the next frontier in AI.  Just like with the advent of PCs in 70s decentralized computing power from mainframe computers we believe that our proprietary AI methods can help decentralize AI and make every device intelligent in itself,” Saurabh Singh, Co-Founder of Unreal AI said when asked about the motivation behind establishing the startup.

Might be worth following this outfit.

Stephen E Arnold, May 13, 2019


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