The Rapid Growth of AWS

May 14, 2019

The business of cloud hosting continues to heat up, we learn from The Register’s article, “Big Cloud Gets Bigger: AWS’s Growth Alone in 2018 Matched Google’s Total Haul—But Bezos Beast Is Still on the Hunt.” Writer Paul Kunert cites Canalys as he reports that AWS received $2.3 billion in infrastructure services alone in 2018, the same amount Google made overall that year. That is a 41% increase, to $7.6 billion. He writes:

“However, the first section of the battle has only just begun. The fight for enterprise customers’ wallets will intensify in 2019 as those companies try to maintain aggressive expansion by extending their cloud business into physical environment, shipping hardware to clients’ data centers. ‘The cloud infrastructure market is moving into a new phase of hybrid IT adoption, with businesses demanding cloud services that can be more easily integrated with their on-premises environment,’ said Canalys chief analyst Alastair Edwards. ‘Most cloud providers are now looking at ways to enter customers’ existing data centers, either through their own products or via partnerships,’ he added.

Kunert gives us a peek at where each major player in the cloud stands, noting that Microsoft got the jump with its launch of Azure Stack in 2017. He points out the recent release of Google’s multi-cloud rig Anthos. We’re also told that China’s huge population boosted that country’s Alibaba into fourth place, over IBM. Though the gap remains wide between AWS and these competitors, Amazon just might be able to catch up.

Cynthia Murrell, May 14, 2019


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