Google Produces YouTube Series on SEO Myths

May 16, 2019

It seems Google has a new angle for its public relations. Search Engine Journal announces, “Google Steps Up Its Content Game with New YouTube Series on SEO Myths.” Writer Matt Southern tells us:

“Google is preparing to launch a new video series about SEO myths which is drastically different from its previous videos. The ‘SEO Mythbusting’ series will be hosted by Google’s Martin Splitt and published on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel. Splitt recently wrapped up a video series on JavaScript SEO, so he’s wasting no time moving on to the next thing. Judging from the trailer, Google has seriously upped the production value of its video content. … It’s best described as an insightful, engaging SEO talk show produced by Google.”

Southern has gleaned several probable episode topics from the trailer: Googlebot, JavaScript frameworks, and communication between developers and SEOs for example. Apparently, each episode will include a segment discussing SEO misconceptions with folks from the developer and/or SEO communities. The write-up embeds the 1.5 minute trailer, so curious readers should check it out.

Cynthia Murrell, May 16, 2019


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